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25 Beautiful Landscaping Ideas

Over 75% of homeowners in America spend time and money tending to their front and backyards. Updating your current landscaping is a great way to increase the property value of your home. Here are 25 landscaping ideas that can make your home the hottest on the block without breaking your budget.

1. Landscape big areas with the same plant for a bolder look. Planting one of everything in the same area can make it look cluttered and dated.

2. If your yard has limited space, make the most of it by using plants that serve more than one purpose. An apple or lemon tree can block the view of your neighbors and provide you with delicious fruit.

3. Build structure by using hedges or shrubs to divide spaces. This will give each space its own unique identity.

4. Incorporate container gardens into your borders and beds. They are easy to change out and move them around as your garden or landscape changes.

5. If it’s within your budget, build an outdoor kitchen in your backyard and shop for an outdoor dining table.

6. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are great ways to get family and friends to congregate in your backyard.

7. Adding a stunning front walkway will add curb appeal to your home.

8. A beautiful wood pergola will protect you from the elements that can be freestanding or attached to your home.

9. Build a backyard patio that will make the perfect relaxation or socialization space.

10. Add water features such as a fountain, pond, waterfall or birdbath.

11. A living archway or metal archway is an aesthetically appeasing garden decoration.

12. Create a lavender border along your garden fence. It will add beautiful color to your yard and give off appealing scents.

13. Mix and match offset pavers to provide a unique look to your front or backyard.

14. Gazebo’s are excellent sun shelters that can add character to your backyard.

15. Combine natural greenery and flowers to a garden wall in your backyard, patio or terrace.

16. An artificial grass patio can instantly beautify your home. The recreational possibilities are endless when added to decks, around pools or rooftops.

17. A natural swimming pond costs a fraction of construction costs and is chemical free. It can act as a relaxing centerpiece for your backyard.

18. One of the most popular in landscape designs, boxwood parterres can grow both in the sun and the shade.

19. Create your own private sanctuary with a zen garden. You can dedicate one area of your yard to include a water feature, coy pond, pruned trees and bushes.

20. Sand and granite are excellent fillers between your stone walkways and shrubs.

21. Any type of stone you choose for steps will withstand foot traffic and last a lifetime. They come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit any taste.

22. Use a combination of thriller, filler and spiller plants in plant baskets to create height.

23. There is so much you can do with outdoor lighting. You can add a romantic glow to your backyard with LED lights that won’t create large energy bills.

24. Modern fencing can add character to any living area. A small fence can make any yard look modern and polished.

25. Add a plunge pool to your backyard. Plunge pools can fit in almost any backyard setting, and add significant style as well as a place for you and your family to cool off.

Here are some additional patio decor ideas.

If you are still unsure about how to create a beautiful landscape, a gardener is an excellent person to ask. A nicely landscaped yard can create and relaxing and entertaining living space.