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Best Restaurant Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Outdoor restaurant furniture can be tough to choose. Factors such as budget, style, materials and more will factor in to the decision on what to buy. Below are some of our favorite restaurant furniture ideas.


Contemporary refers to a decorating style that emerged at the end of the 20th century. It is represented through softened lines and contains both neutral elements and bold color. Contemporary restaurant outdoor furniture is comfortable, functional, and also interesting to look at. With its soft lines and bursting color, contemporary outdoor restaurant furniture is sure to attract customers and keep them coming back.

Contemporary restaurant outdoor furniture

Classic refers to a decorating style that is ornate and elaborate. It may come with velvet or silk fabrics that are often referred to as antique. Most classic outdoor restaurant furniture is wrought iron which works well with all outdoor settings. This style furniture is great for patio dining chairs and tables at any restaurant. It is easy to clean, resistant to pests, and will not rust when properly maintained, ensuring many years of use. Since the ornate detail on classic designs is part of the outdoor furniture, you can easily change the color to go with your restaurant’s décor by painting it and you will not lose any of the intricate details in the furniture.

 restaurant outdoor furniture

French Bistro

Bistro tables are an excellent choice for outdoor restaurant furniture and French bistro sets take their look and appeal from cafes in France. A French outdoor pub table set is often characterized with bamboo or metal frames with woven a design on the seat and backrests. This great looking outdoor restaurant furniture works especially well in small cafés, paying homage to its origin in France.


 outdoor restaurant furniture


Industrial style furniture is characterized by looking and feeling like furniture that would be found in a factory in the 1800 or 1900’s. These simple designs have become extremely popular and look great when chosen as the style for outdoor restaurant chairs.

 restaurant furniture ideas


By utilizing an eclectic approach to your outdoor restaurant furniture, you can choose different style chairs and tables to avoid having too many matching pieces. Not only is this a great and unique way to decorate, it is also whimsical and fun for your restaurant’s diners. This style is also convenient in the event a table or chair breaks or wears out since you don’t have to find an exact match to replace it.


Outdoor restaurant furniture is often one of the first impressions customers will have of your business. Be sure to keep that in mind when planning your outdoor space. Create a warm, inviting space and mix in modular outdoor furniture when possible. Pick colors and designs that make an impression of people walking by on the street, and don’t sacrifice price for quality!