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Cheap & Easy DIY Outdoor Bar Projects

Great Outdoor Bar Projects That Won’t Break The Bank

Making your outdoor bar the place to be is something that takes a little talent to pull off. Fortunately, there are some cheap and easy DIY project ideas floating around out there that can make your next outdoor bar the kind of place where people want to hang out.

Wheelbarrow Your Way To A Cool Bar

A lot of homes have an old wheelbarrow lying around somewhere. Even if you are actively using the wheelbarrow, you may be able to clean it out and start using it to cart around some drinks. Just throw some ice in there and then put your drinks in. You will have cold drinks, and the wheelbarrow can hold quite a few of them. At any rate it adds a cool touch to the proceedings.

Choose The Right Kind Of Outdoor Furniture

The furniture you select has to be perfect for seating a vast number of people comfortably. You could easily leave this out as a sort of last minute detail, but doing so puts at risk your chances of getting everyone over to actually enjoy your outdoor bar. Instead, purchase some sectionals and other furniture options to make sure everyone has a comfortable place to sit when they hang out at your outdoor bar.

Use Tiki Material To Construct The Bar

There is always plenty of tiki style material floating around the stores that you can use to make your bar. A lot of people like the faux Hawaiian look that it has to it, and it just reminds them of island life. You can take advantage of this and check out some of the tiki options that are available at a store near you.

Use Some Reclaimed Wood

Don’t waste wood from trees. You can reclaim wood that has been used for other purposes in the past to help construct your bar. You are helping Mother Nature when you do this, and you are also going to help yourself to a bar that you and your friends can appreciate. The best part about this is that you can brag to those same friends that the wood that they are not sipping drinks on was reclaimed.

Get Some Classy Bar Stools

What is a bar without the bar stools? Unfortunately, there are a lot of less than classy bar stools floating around out there. Now, some people may not mind sitting on just whatever you can find, but others are going to want to have something that is a little more elegant. They want something that matches up nicely with the rest of the furniture that you have put out there. The person who is serious about having people over on a regular basis knows well enough that they should try to meet the tastes of everyone. Thus, you should fork over some cash for some elegant bar stools.

Bar Cart

Finally, you may want to bring in the services of a bar cart. This can be any kind of cart that has wheels to it that you can use to move around some elements of your bar. You can put bottles of wine, mixers, and other bar essentials on this cart and then have it pushed around to wherever it needs to go within your outdoor bar.

If you combine all of these elements together you will quickly have yourself a very respectable outdoor bar that anyone and everyone can enjoy. Make sure you always think about what the experience will be like for your friends when you are constructing this whole thing for them.

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