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Moroccan Inspired Outdoor Spaces

If you are looking to create an elegant and relaxing outdoor space then you should consider decorating with inspirations from Morocco. Due to its location, Moroccan décor has been influenced by many countries including France, Spain, Persia, Africa, and Portugal. Moroccan style includes vibrant colors, mosaic patterns, lamp and pendant lighting, and wood accents. Below are some ways to create a Moroccan inspired outdoor space that can be enjoyed by both your family and anyone who comes to visit.


Oasis Retreat

Want or need a nice relaxing space to unwind after a long day, then create your own Moroccan oasis retreat. An oasis retreat can be created by utilizing comfortable lounges, side tables, Moroccan style rugs, and Moroccan lanterns that double as great looking accent pieces as well as functioning lanterns so you can enjoy your oasis day or night. This simple yet elegant outdoor space will provide hours of relaxation and entertaining for friends and family.


Fire Pit

Moroccan inspired firepits are a great way to create an inviting outdoor space that is not only comfortable but is aesthetically pleasing as well. By adorning the floor space and/or firepit in colorful Moroccan tiles and adding furniture that will fit perfectly around the round shaped fire pit you can create a great entertaining space where friends and family can talk for hours all year round. Add foliage and lighting and you can create a stunning outdoor space that will make the neighbors envious.


Small Porch

If you live in an apartment or house that only has a small porch and no backyard, you can still create a Moroccan inspired outdoor space in even the smallest of areas. Simply place comfortable furniture that fits the space and use colorful pillows, Moroccan style rugs, curtains, and lamps to create a relaxing and enjoyable space no matter what the dimensions. You can paint the walls white to not only make the space look larger, but it will complement the bright fabrics to create a visually appealing room.


Indoors Out

Want to create a great outdoor space with Moroccan influences, then simply bring the indoors out. You can create a stunning outdoor room that is inspired by Moroccan architecture by creating an outdoor porch with an arched entry and stucco walls that offset the brightly colored tile floor. Add great outdoor furniture, accents, artwork, or any other Moroccan inspired accessories you choose to create an outdoor space that is as comfortable as the spaces indoors. The space you create will be a perfect place to seek some solitude and relax or as a great way to entertain guests, either way, you are sure to create a stunning room that will have people talking.


Covered Porch

Do you have an open porch and don’t know how to create a great space for relaxing, then try utilizing Moroccan influences to create a stunning covered porch. You can hand a large Moroccan lantern in the middle of the ceiling to create a stunning and unique focal point for the room, add a comfortable outdoor daybed, white sheer curtains to create a Mediterranean feel. Compliment with colorful accent pillows and rugs and you can create the covered porch of your dreams.



Do you want to create a Moroccan inspired outdoor space, but prefer a less cluttered minimalist space without large pieces of furniture? No problem! You can create the space of your dreams with some simple and practical items. Start with some Moroccan style rugs, add colorful and geometric pillows, a nice outdoor club chair and side table, and hang some lights so you can enjoy your space regardless of the time of day. This simple outdoor space will allow you to not only change the configuration at will but since there are no large pieces you can move or store the items in case you need to use your outdoor space for other reasons.


Moroccan Outdoor Water Feature

A great way to create a relaxing and interesting outdoor space is to create a Moroccan inspired outdoor water feature. One of the most soothing and relaxing sounds in nature is that of running water so as to create a calming and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space add a water feature. You can choose from a fountain, pond, pool or whatever your imagination can create, simply adorn the water feature in colorful mosaic tile and add luxurious green foliage along with bright flowers, lighting and comfortable furniture and you can create a relaxing space where you can go and clear your head as well as create a visually stunning outdoor space to entertain friends and family.



Because of its location in the Mediterranean, Moroccan style has been influenced by many cultures from both Europe and Africa. The cornerstone of Moroccan style is color, from rugs to tiles, pillows to walls, Moroccan style is inspired by deep colors especially blue, green and gold. Moroccan floors are often made from beautifully colored tiles that not only look great but also help to keep the space cool. Moroccan style is also known for its use of exotic and bright colored fabrics that you can use to accent your space with pillows, rugs, and curtains. To help give your space that Mediterranean feel, make sure you use large colorful baskets and pots to place you exotic plants in. Be sure to add great accents like lanterns, artwork, as well as candles and incense to complete your Moroccan influenced outdoor space.